What are the biggest scandal/controversy in kpop?

What are the biggest scandal/controversy in kpop?

Posted 13 January – It brought a movement to pieces. The 2PM scandals impacted me the most. I just started being a 2PM fan when Jay Park left and that was when it was hard for idols to leave, the airport was filled with fans. I’ll throw my essay about what happened under a spoiler, but if you’re curious, please read! This is all coming from a fan who was around during that time.

10 Things About Korean Celebrity Smokers That Might Surprise You

Known for their good looks, dancing skills and vocal capabilities, the boys took the world of Asian pop music market by storm. They were also the first group to successfully spearhead carry the 2nd Korean Music wave into the Japanese music market by becoming industry and became the first non Japanese act foreigner to have achieve nine No. In , the trio left the band and went on to form JYJ. In , the trio sued their management company for release from their 13 year slavery contract.

The suit became Korea’s largest news making headlines and legal battle ongoing till now was further intensified by the involvement of their Japanese record label.

May 20,  · 인터넷에 폭발했던 동영상. 준수 태연 스캔들. Taeyeon and Junsu are rumoured that they are dating each other. This is all over the internet. 동방신기 dbsk xiah junsu.

Share this on Facebook Tweet this on Twitter K-Pop idols are constantly battling scandals, especially dating ones, as such controversies could make or break their reputations. Still, each year, fans receive news of idols dating, getting married, or breaking up. Here are five idols who have put themselves in the spotlight the most often with their wild dating lives. Your browser does not support video. Neither Sohee nor G-Dragon ever responded to their dating scandal, so it remains an unverified speculation to this day.

Since , G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been involved in not one, but several dating scandals. On multiple occasions, the two have been spotted together on what appear to be dates. By , G-Dragon became involved in another dating scandal with another Japanese model and actress, Nana Komatsu. As affectionate pictures from his private Instagram account began circulating, fans became convinced the two were in a relationship.

TVXQ Are First Look’s Cover Boys

Advertisement According to a user on the One Hallyu forum, insiders have revealed that Chen and Hyejeong are dating. I heard it from the insiders. I was flustered because it was random but it’s true,” the user wrote. Reactions to the rumor have been mixed. While some fans have supported the couple, most were surprised and expressed disbelief.

you comment just too much,, who do you you are to control with whom changmin will dating huh,, fan like u is really scared them,, make thm scared to be a normal person,, and one thing he is.

During one of her investigations, F. Molly is reluctant at first, but ultimately decides to accept Ranford’s offer. She goes undercover as a sorority student named Brooke Stonebridge and receives help from her father Mike O’Malley. At first, she thinks that Sasha may be a suspect, but as it turns out, she only changed her identity from Suzy Walters so she could start a new life rather than continue to be an outcast.

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Scandals with Japanese Entertainers? There is a scandal rumor with a Japanese model—does she happen to be Yamada Yu? Lee Sora is a legendary top model in Korea. We met for the first time in our after party of the U. But I know that she is in a relationship with a well-known actor in Japan. Therefore there are no scandals about us in Japan no matter how much we hang out, but it seems that in Korea there has been a bit of a misunderstanding.

Romanization Korean Translation; neol jiunda geuryeobonda geu ttae neol bonaenda baram soge bonaenda barami buneun gose geu eodieseodo mannal su itgetji.

Pre-debut[ edit ] Kim was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do , South Korea. He graduated high school along with fellow member Park Yoochun in They appeared on a show called ” Survival Audition – Heejun vs. T , SM Entertainment’s former group. Kangta praised Kim highly in the show, saying that he had potential as a lead vocalist. He also made an appearance in the second part of “Timeless”‘ music video.

In , he was chosen to be part of Samsung’s Anycall project group, Anyband.

TVXQ’s Changmin Seen Assaulting Woman In Old Video

They have said that they will announce an important thing on March 28 next year. Cassie also split into many group: Some want TVXQ come back as 5 member as before they split in Even though all Kpop artist united with the help of all Korean media and government back up in many cruel ways to stop JYJ still can not defeat the powerful of JYJ’s ability in singing, dancing, composing and acting in Korean series.

TVXQ TWICE VIXX Wanna One WINNER On October 14th, headlines reported that Jennie of BLACKPINK is currently dating with one of YG producers, Teddy. The reports said that the two are in love, in spite of their year age gap. However, it all turned out false.

She first came to fame in the movie “The Blue Lagoon”. She also starred in her own sitcom “Suddenly Susan” which she got because she did so well on “Friends” as Joey’s stalker. She is currently doing some stage work. The controversial film’s most shocking moment: Despite the adult content, Shields is glad she accepted the role. A judge dismisses the case, adding, “Much of the success and the difficulty of [Shields’] dual image of illusion and reality must be attributed to her mother.

But her grades silence any skeptics. The marriage lasts less than two years, with the couple eventually getting an annulment. Eight months later, in a surprise ceremony on Catalina Island, the couple weds. Three months later, in an interview with PEOPLE, she says the experience helped her “understand the difference between wanting to have a baby and truly wanting to be a mother. May 03 Battling Postpartum


Chansung, Dongjun, and G. Whether they won or not proved to not matter, as after the match ended, they all congratulated each other with high fives anyway. While the male idols obsessed over winning, the female idols sat around with other contestants and chatted, while occasionally cheering and giving aegyo poses towards the camera.

The idols maintained a strict line of divide between the females and males throughout the filming. Even though they moved about freely, greeting friends and joking around, they made sure to never step over the line into the male or female territority. Due to the delay, the location and matches were also changed.

Aug 10,  · JOIN THE DBSKer ARCHIVES BROKEN LINK PROJECT PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING. Here you will find a list (in order of date under each category) of DBSK-related videos that I’ve uploaded to share amongst DBSKers:) I would appreciate it tremendously if you redirect people to this page instead of giving out the individual links/hotlinking.

Victoria had recently posted a picture on her weibo account of her in China, but fans were more interested in the reflection of the person in her spoon. Due to this, many fans believed that the two may be dating. However, SM Entertainment made a statement that the two were just friends and that during the time of the picture, the staff members were there as well.

Still, many internet users could not let this issue go as they searched the web for clues and evidence to prove that the two had something together. Many online community boards are now revealing images that fans have found through the internet of ‘evidence’ that the two might be more than just friends. From same accessories and clothes to images of them looking very close, many photos have come up online.

Some of the first photos to pop up were the same cell phone accessory charms they had on their phones. They also discussed the fact that within the group f x , Victoria’s nickname was ‘Vic Umma’ ‘umma’ meaning mom in Korean.

5 Idols Who’ve Been Involved In The Most Dating Scandals

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Apr 25,  · Brooke Shields is a supermodel and a TV and movie actress. She first came to fame in the movie “The Blue Lagoon”. She also starred in her own sitcom “Suddenly Susan” (which she got because she did so well on “Friends” as Joey’s stalker).

Talk King-Yunho Maybe if he is not a singer, he would be a great prosecutor or lawyer -thanks to his great ability of narrating a scenario or story. For his fans, it is a part of his charm as the great leader of TVXQ especially to me. He has lots of qualities that any girl or woman will go for- smart, sensible fashion style, charming, kind, funny, protective,charismatic I’ve watch most of talk shows and he is indeed very prowess with words he is using to drag the viewers to join his journey of his experience or matters he wants to discuss.

His communication skills with elders and youngsters also something that I always like about him- excellent PR skills At that time, we were so full of youth and excitement that we put all our focus into the game and our swimsuit bottoms slowly came off. The staff members were heading towards us on the beach and because there were female staff members present, none of us got out of the water. We were just watching them from inside the water. Can you just wait a little?

In time, we eventually wore our own swimming briefs and ended this incident. Even the floors were made of glass so you could see the ocean underneath. The building was such that if you look up from the ocean, you can see into the hotel room.

Park Yoo-chun

Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer.

JYJ‘s Jaejoong sat down with Joongang Sports Daily for a revealing interview that left nothing out aided by the help of a few drinks! Jaejoong tackled all of the questions honestly and cleared up more than one headline himself. The tell-all feel had his managers more than just a little worried but he insisted on keeping nothing out.

Pre-debut[ edit ] Kim was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do , South Korea. He graduated high school along with fellow member Park Yoochun in They appeared on a show called ” Survival Audition – Heejun vs. T , SM Entertainment’s former group. Kangta praised Kim highly in the show, saying that he had potential as a lead vocalist. He also made an appearance in the second part of “Timeless”‘ music video.

In , he was chosen to be part of Samsung’s Anycall project group, Anyband. Anyband has only released one single of the same name. During TVXQ ‘s third Asian tour, he performed another self-composed song “Xiahtic”, which was then rearranged and performed in Japanese for his solo performance at the Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour The Secret Code in Tokyo Dome. Solo career and JYJ[ edit ] See also:

Idol Love Scandal 15th – TVXQ Jung Yunho & Go Ara

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